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We welcome pre-wedding/ celebration, tourism and commercial guests to shoot content at Jara. Every request is different so is treated accordingly. 

We need to start with your requirements sent via email, ( including the following;


1 - How many people (guests) will be on site?

2 - Whether you'll require food and drinks.

3 - Timings of the day.

4 - Your preferred date(s).

5 - If relevant; the artist/ details of the song  / actors/ nature of the video (whether lyrics or storyboard etc) - for us to align our brand with.


We will then get back to you promptly.

As an indication:

  • personal photoshoots or video coverage (no food or drink), for up to four people (creative + assistants), for three hours: N100,000

  • brand photoshoots start from. N500,000

  • music videos start from N1,000,000.

Should you wish to tour/inspect Jara ahead of your visit, you may do so for up to 30 minutes, for N10,000 - covers two people (priced at N5,000 per person thereafter) and a welcome soft drink. Must be booked/ arranged in advance.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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