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Jara For Good
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Community at the heart...

Jara is not only committed to building the very best guest experience, and providing an environmental and ethical offering through #responsiblehospitality, Jara is also committed to supporting its local community, neighbours and those in need. 

Since inception Jara has supported the Museyo Community Youth via the tollgate kiosk - enabling direct revenues to support its neighbours on Lotu street.

Jara for Good - setup in June 2021, is actively garnering support through its social media platforms to support Iberekodo Community Primary School - home to 400 students - with learning resources and fundraising for infrastructure, including construction / roofing for the school buildings.


To donate money to Jara for Good, you can do so using the dedicated accounts below:

GTB / 0647592280

ACCESS / 1481949134

100% of funds donated will go directly towards Jara for Good initiatives. All bank statements will be shared on a regular basis.

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