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Jara Beach Resort is committed to being a responsible hospitality establishment. We operate fully 'off' the national grid and are working our way towards full sustainability. From solar technology to limited generator running time, Jara continues to balance environmentally-friendly best practice with providing the very best beach experience in Nigeria. We welcome all guests to help be a part of the solution!


We use a mix of generators and solar power. Our schedule ensures a warm shower and cool room as you prepare for dinner, ahead of a comfortable night’s sleep. All lights, appliances and plugs for small devices will run around the clock - you won't miss out on anything! All rooms have rechargeable fans. Air-Conditioners and Water Heaters will operate between the following times: 5pm–7pm and 9pm–10am.

At our snack station, you'll find as many Nigerian-made products as possible - from crisps to nuts, coconut biscuits, chocolate and dried fruits! Should you have any suggestions / local brands you love, please let us know!



We are proud recycling partners with WATOWE Enterprise, who assist with weekly collections of all of our plastics and tins - not a single plastic or glass bottle goes to waste! 

Water Recycling.jpg


Jara has four roof-connected water tanks, allowing rain water to be re-used for plant watering, and foot baths.

Solar Power Socket


The combination of solar panels and inverter batteries allow all power outlets to provide light 24/7 - every TV, every light bulb, all solar-powered.

Solar Panels


Jara has over 100 solar panels drawing electrical energy to all guest and admin buildings, enabling all load requirements asides ACs. We also have a solar-powered freezer. 

Water Tanks


We currently have multiple 200 litre water tanks for use around the property, including warming water for all washing up in the kitchen! As well as for guest showers in the family cabins and villas.

Wind Turbine


We have also harnessed wind via our turbines, allowing us to use energy from the ocean 365 days a year, this supplements the power drawn from the solar panels currently.

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