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Jara Beach Resort welcomes and encourages guests to enjoy our beautiful space and snap and upload photos for personal use, promoting Nigeria's beautiful coastline and tourism in general. Commercial activity is handled differently and requires prior discussion / approval - i.e. music videos, brand shoots, product endorsements etc.

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Content Creator


Jara welcomes collaboration with content creators, however we are not able to provide fully complimentary visits. We are open to unique partnership propositions and are happy to provide discount codes or vouchers for use should the opportunity be deemed mutually beneficial. We welcome you to email


Jara aims to repost / share guest's online content, though this is not guaranteed. If our page or location is tagged, Jara will post under the implied approval. For any photos or videos posted without relevant tags, we will reach out for approval. We'll do our best to reward those in good faith and equally hope if you've enjoyed your stay and post online, you'll be good enough to allow others to know where you are - after all supporting local tourism is a win for all.

Content Creator
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