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Jara Beach Resort Agents

We welcome pro-active travel and tour agency partners!


Being a partner is simple; simply book on behalf of your clients. There is no formal contract, ultimately both Jara and agent's benefit.

>> Please contact the Guest Services team via Whatsapp for the latest agent code for 10% off in the booking system ( Unfortunately we had to stop posting the code due to agents sharing the code with non-agents :(

>> Day Pass bookings are handled via email -

For all takeover, retreat, or private bookings, please email - please note:


  • a 10% reduction will be given to you at the time of booking.

  • a minimum of 10 ALCOHOL PASS guests are required for agent discounts on the Day Pass (the discount does not apply to smaller groups)

  • agent commission is not capped.

> Please also note;

  • clients of agents remain so throughout the duration of their stay. Should any issues, or special requests apply, this is handled by the agent. This does not apply to on-site purchases. 

  • It is VERY IMPORTANT agents are fully aligned with our terms of service and support these in client discussions in the event of last minute cancellations etc. 


You are welcome to lift all images/ video and text content from our social media and this website in order to aid you marketing efforts. The abundance of content will give you a very good indication. Venue access is restricted to visiting guests.

Jara Photo Gallery - Link.

Trust this is useful and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

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