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Museyo Community Youth

Jara is committed in its support of the local Museyo community - specifically its youth; supporting development, religious celebrations and holidays. In January 2021 Jara sponsored a tollgate kiosk permitting the community to charge for access in to Jara, in a friendly and professional way, for each arriving vehicle. All proceeds are received and managed directly by the community representatives.

Jara's parking remains free to guests for the duration of their stay - in turn we hope you can support the local community with a token contribution to support its livelihood and development. Should you wish to add 'jara' of your own, it will of course be welcome.


IMPORTANTLY! These rates remain accurate as of July 2022, as reflected on the kiosk signage.


Our friends at the kiosk can occasionally misinterpret these rates, if you have any issue, please confidently refer to this page.

Museyo Toll Gate Kiosk Rates
Museyo Youth Community
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