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JARA BEACH RESORT is proud to offer Nigeria's premiere all-inclusive experience. Designed to ensure maximum relaxation, the fee you pay on booking can be the only cost  you have.


We provide three full meals a day, drinks (both alcoholic and soft) and snacks throughout an overnight stay. Meals are cooked to order, guaranteeing the freshest most delicious cuisine - a fusion of international favourites and locally sourced ingredients – from the land and the sea. Some of our drink brands can be seen below:

Eat Drink Repeat
All Inclusive
Corkage Sticker


Selected beverages are permitted to be brought in to Jara during your stay.


There is no charge for this.


We ask that you communicate / declare the bottles you'll be bringing prior via email and sign a waiver on arrival. The Guest Service team will provide you with an 'External Beverage' sticker so the bottle to be clearly identified.


Little Company Nigeria Limited - Jara Beach Resort, is not responsible for beverages consumed on site, it did not serve/ supply.


Our Premium Collection is available to any guest wishing to make their stay extra-special. We have curated a small, but memorable range of champagne, wines and spirits - available to be purchased during your stay via POS or bank transfer (JARA is a completely cashless resort). Items can also be  pre-ordered at the time of booking.

For private full venue bookings, we can provide corkage on a per request basis, only ahead (and paid for) ahead of your visit.

All games and leisure activities inside the resort are also included within your all-inclusive package. There is no charge for the games, use of the pool or park, or even the WIFI! Selected Activities are chargeable.

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