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100 Club

exclusively exclusive



Jara Beach Resort opened its doors on November 8th 2019. To celebrate our first 100 days of business we launched a VERY EXCLUSIVE members club, strictly for 100 lucky beach fans. Welcome to the Jara Beach Resort 100 CLUB! 


We are now accepting membership registrations for our second year, having extended year one due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The membership can be purchased as a gift, but cannot be transferred. Full TERMS are below.


This year's membership will run from:   

from April 1st 2021 - March 31st 2022

- Be one of only 100 members with special JBR benefits
- Receive an amazing 20% off all personal booking requests
- Gain access to exclusive member events (i.e. brand activations and JBR parties)

As an exclusive member you will receive a uniquely numbered Photo ID 2021 membership card (photo ID submission required)

This year we are introducing THREE separate membership packages, as follows:


applies to a single adult (18yrs+) visitor

staying in a standard room (#1-5), only

1 x toddler (aged 3-5 years) and 1 x infant (aged 0-2) permitted

Membership cost: N100,000 inc tax


applies to two adult (18yrs+) visitors (or one adult + one 6-17yr old)

two adults staying in a standard room (#1-5), only

1 x toddler (aged 3-5 years) and 1 x infant (aged 0-2) permitted

Membership cost: N175,000 inc tax


applies to our family room visitors

three adults (or two + one 6-17yr old) staying in a family room (#6-9), only

1 x toddler (aged 3-5 years) and 1 x infant (aged 0-2) permitted

Membership cost: N250,000 inc tax

Additional Information:

  1. Payment is required, in full, upfront to secure your membership

  2. The 20% is applied after any advertised Jara discounts (i.e. stay for 4 nights or more and save an incredible 35% off standard rates!)

  3. Discounts only apply to the membership you have subscribed to only
    (i.e. if you're an individual member bringing a second adult guest overnight, a balance of the difference would be payable, or if you have a family membership and wish to book two family rooms,  your discount will apply to your room only).

  4. 20% discount applies to day pass and room bookings only (excludes all other on-site or third-party services).

  5. Members also benefit from a further 5% (only) discount on all-room takeovers or private venue bookings (i.e. retreats), against advertised rates.


The more you stay, the more you save



to one of the following accounts:


Access Bank | 0813609546

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) | 0504697451

You can also pay online with a card here: 


NB: +3.9% for international card payments


Upload Passport Photo

Thanks - membership request received. We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your application



Upon mutual acceptance of the Terms and Conditions herein, Jara Beach Resort enters into a Membership Agreement with you, as a Member of the 100 Club.

  1. By making your payment in full and submitting your request form, you hereby execute the agreement set forth by Jara Beach Resort to become a member of the 100 Club for a maximum of 12 months, ending 31st March, 2022. 

  2. All members are entitled to all the privileges of membership based on agreement to be bound by the rules and regulations of the 100 Club above.

  3. All other Jara Beach Resort standard terms and conditions of use apply.

  4. 100 Club: Refers to being an exclusive member of Jara Beach Resort's loyalty program. Jara Beach Resort located at Museyo Beach, Eleko, Lotu Street Off Lekki Free Trade Zone Road, 105101.

  5. Information regarding fees, prices, services and business hours is displayed on the premises and on the website as applicable and the management reserves the right to change these and update information at any time.

  6. Guests accompanying members to Jara Beach Resort do not benefit from membership discounts.

  7. Members and visitors bind themselves to read and observe all signage and information displayed at Jara Beach Resort and to abide by instructions and notices which may be issued by the Management from time to time.

  8. Members may be required to produce their membership card and must do so, on request, by any authorised person acting on behalf of Jara Beach Resort. When using any service, Members shall at all times:

    1. Behave with decorum and in a manner appropriate to the settings of Jara Beach Resort

    2. Not disrupt the enjoyment of other users of Jara Beach Resort

    3. Not behave in any way which brings the Club name into disrepute.

  9. Jara Beach Resort reserves the right to cancel a Member's Membership, immediately and without notice, in the following circumstances:

    1. The Member fails to pay the Membership Fee prior to use of the Services or such payment is in any way rendered void following payment;

    2. The Member breaches the terms and conditions imposed on use of the Services by the Service Provider providing such Services;

    3. The Member is otherwise in breach of any obligation in these Terms and Conditions.

  10. The Management will do its utmost to provide full and uninterrupted services but cannot be held responsible for interruptions caused by weather conditions or other conditions beyond its control. 

  11. Discounts cannot be used against existing bookings.

  12. Member discounts cannot be used in addition to already reduced rates / promos.

  13. Membership Cancellation

    1. No membership fees shall be refunded if a member resigns from the 100 Club. No refunds are given. No partial refunds are given. No memberships will be frozen if the member leaves Lagos for a period of time.

    2. Membership is valid for one year only and renewal is on an annual basis.

    3. Membership is sold for 12 months and not parts thereof. Expiry date is 31st March 2022.

    4. No refunds will be given in respect of the Membership Fee, following cancellation of Membership.

  14. Lost & Stolen Cards

    1. The card is the property of Jara Beach Resort.

    2. If a Member becomes aware that a Membership Card is lost or stolen, or that it has been used in any unauthorised way or by any person not being the Member(s) to whom the Membership Card was issued, then such Member shall promptly notify Jara Beach Resort of this.

    3. After a Membership Card has been reported lost or stolen, Jara Beach Resort will not issue a replacement but will provide a digital soft copy for use.

    4. Lost or stolen Membership Cards shall be deactivated.

  15. Jara Beach Resort reserve the right to adapt / update these terms as and when required.​​

Published: 1st March 2021.

Edited: 4th March 2021