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We receive the occasional enquiry from guests concerning arriving by Jara via boat. Unfortunately due to the nature of the surrounding lagoon landscape, there currently is no nearby and suitable jetty for boat riders to disembark close to Jara's location - rather needing to journey beyond in order to step foot on ground at Epe (an approx 90 minute journey by water). Passengers then require picking up by road and driving to the resort (30 minutes). As a result the minimum two hour journey is no quicker than the road and significantly more expensive.

Should this be preferable, guests can connect in a pre-arranged Jara speed/cruiser boat at Law School Under Bridge, by Falomo.

The boat is suitable for up to six passengers with luggage and boasts comfortable seats, drinking water, life vests and bluetooth speaker system.


A one-way journey, including vehicle pick up at Epe is N350,000 exc taxes. Please discuss with the bookings team should you wish to book.

Boat Map
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