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Jara  provides three full meals a day, drinks (both alcoholic and soft), sweet treats and a snack station available throughout the day. Meals are cooked to order, guaranteeing the freshest most delicious cuisine - a fusion of international favourites and locally sourced ingredients – from the land and the sea. The Restaurant Menu serves Lunch and Dinner for our overnight guests with BBQ and Fiesta feasts on nights with higher occupancy. All Menus shown below for your convenience. If you have any special requests / dietary requirements, please let us know ahead of your visit. 

Lotus Biscoff Cream Cup
Oreo Cream Cup

We have multiple varied items for our overnight guests. Day Pass visitors enjoy BBQ lunch served "family style", as do overnight guests on alternate days. Breakfast orders are taken after dinner the night before to ensure you receive what you'd like, where you'd like, at a time you like - ensuring a relaxing start to your day. 


Dinner menus alternate between Restaurant Menu options and served BBQ or FIESTA buffet (served by the terrace at 7:30pm for rooms 1-9 + 12A-17)! Meaning if you stay for three nights, you'll see three different dinner offerings. Orders are taken prior to meal service times to ensure all guests are served fresh, made-to-order meals at a time and location of their choosing.

If you are still hungry outside of Jara's set meal service times, or perhaps would like to order something for the ride home, the menu options and pricing for items ordered outside of the all-inclusive food offering can be found on our Jara Jara Menu page. PDF MENU files available to open below:

Lunch and Dinner orders are taken through SABIS putting the power fully in your hands! The Guest Service team will prompt you to order.

All food and drinks served are for on-site consumption only. No takeaways.
External food is not permitted to be consumed on site (cakes and baby food are permitted).
Jara's all-inclusive menu refers to providing three meals, cooked fresh to order - this means you won't ever see last night's dinner offered for breakfast, but it also means we're responsible for feeding you only while you remain with us.
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